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What is a barrister?.

Barristers are qualified legal professionals who specialise in providing advice and advocacy services. Traditionally, solicitors meet clients in their offices and prepare cases for trial. If necessary, the solicitor then sends the case papers to a barrister who is instructed to conduct court hearings, including trials direct access barrister

What are the advantages of Public Access? - Expert Barrister Legal Advice.

The change in the rules now mean that the general public can have access to members of the Bar for the first time. Instructing a barrister directly can have a number of advantages over instructing either a solicitor, or a barrister through a solicitor. Since 2004, the public access scheme has enabled members of the public and businesses to instruct a barrister directly without having to use a solicitor or other third party to instruct on their behalf.

Not all barristers can accept instructions this way, we have a number of barristers, across many specialisations licensed to accept instructions directly.

The benefits of Direct Access - Legal Advice & Representation In Court Direct From Barristers
We need to do more to help the public and businesses see the benefits of direct access barristers. Now that this is up and running, we need to ensure greater understanding of how Direct Access works, when it might be appropriate to use a Direct Access barrister and the potential money-saving advantages.

Barristers referring work to solicitors
If we assume that the market will develop in this way and clients pick and choose what they want and when they want it, direct public access seems to fit the model. What is particularly interesting is what happens when a barrister cannot provide the service required or else considers that the lay client needs a solicitor's services. A barrister can then refer the client to a solicitor.